August 21, 2014

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Big Government and Equal Incomes

In my classroom at MSU we were discussing gender differences. Contrary to what political correctness and the feminist movement have claimed, genders are quite different, a ‘duh’ statement for anyone who thinks for himself or herself. As we were discussing various differences, one fellow asked whether there was a double standard regarding crying in public, and then noted that men and women … [Read More...]

Debt Has Consequences

This week we “celebrate” passage of the big stimulus bill in 2009 in which President Obama and his economic advisors promised to create “shovel-ready” jobs for 400,000 men and women and drop the soaring 7.8 percent unemployment rate to 5 percent or lower by 2013. Three months after passage of the $816 billion bill (spent to-date), GDP jumped to 4 percent and we officially came out of … [Read More...]

The America Our Fathers Founded

President Obama and progressives are destroying America in the name of transforming America into a utopian, socialist state. In the last hundred years progressives have taken over nearly every aspect of American life and economy, beginning in 1913 with formation of the Federal Reserve System that controls American banking and money. What could one buy with a dollar in 1913: $23.53 worth of … [Read More...]